— Experiential Architecture
Back to the Cave

Tailor-madre villas that make you reconnect with nature and feel your own territory.

Forget about copy-paste houses. The era of the big terrain movements in pursuit of a flat platform on which to erect soulless constructions that could be placed anywhere is long gone.

At Flow81, we believe in reconnecting our living spaces with our environment. We aim to create villas that emerge from the very land they occupy, harmonizing with the natural surroundings. We recognize the importance of finding privacy in outdoor spaces, of creating natural barriers that provide intimacy while allowing the passage of fauna and flora. It's about rediscovering how we, as sapiens, have inhabited the Earth for most of our species' history by tapping into the depths of our genetic memory.

Imagine waking up every morning and gently touching the mountain rock as you walk from the bedroom to the living room. Witness the tree that has been on the land long before you continue to grow through the floors and rooftops. Feel the forest beneath your feet, learn its rhythms, uncover its secrets, and listen to its sounds. This is our concept of luxury; this is how we propose a return to the cave.

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We create wide-open spaces for you to dominate your entire home and surroundings; unique villas meant to be shared and lived co-lived.
— The Process
Feeling the Plot
When I first come to a plot, it speaks to me. Its orography, its rocks and its trees are certainly the starting point for the design.
Ignacio Merino, Architect
— Materials for your 5 senses
Defining a sensorial palette for every home we design

The materials and finishes hold equal significance when designing a unique, distinctive, and recognizable space to call home. Beyond aesthetics, utilizing natural elements like stones, woods, or marble, along with materials such as bare concrete, creates atmospheres that not only visually captivate but also provide a recognizable sensory experience.

For instance, in some of our villas, marble incorporates fragments of coral that, beneath our bare feet, gift us the contrasting textures of roughness and smoothness. It's akin to strolling over the ocean, possessing an irreplaceable slice of our planet's natural history within our own abode.

Moreover, our design endeavors appeal to the powerful sense of smell. Certain stones or woods, when touched by rain, emit earthy or fresh aromas—always pleasant. These scents evoke natural sensations, subconsciously transporting us to the comfort and security of our refuge.

Indeed, a home is much more than a succession of volumes, it is the place where we build our most intimate memories and to which we are connected through our five senses. And at Flow81 we take them all into account.

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— The Team
A group that performs at Formula One level
Involving our engineers from the sketching phase boosts our creativity and innovation.

Unlike the vast majority, Flow81 is composed of both architects and engineers. Moreover, it allows us to optimize the design, identify technical challenges, and integrate systems, resulting in significant cost savings and the prevention of future issues. If we add to this the excellent working environment in our studio, we have a winning combination.

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Artistic photograph of the Flow81 team posing in a stylish corridor
— Press
  • Flow81 belongs to a new generation of architects that break the rules to design houses that reveal a new sense of logic.
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